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Kick-ass Consulting

Let’s cut the sweet talk. Sometimes, an entrepeneur just needs one thing: a friend he can talk shop with. I am a critical observer and will tell you what I think. You bring your ideas, I challenge them. Then, when you are sure you’re on the right way, we form a strategy for you together. Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Simple Websites for Small Businesses

You’re a young entrepreneur? A lawyer? A tradesman? In a world gone digital, everybody needs a presentable website to compete within their field. Together, we set up a structured, easy to navigate website for your business and equip it with everything you need to get you into the relevant search results. No frills, no complicated nerd-talk. Let’s go online.

Spot-on Quality Content

Presenting relevant information about your business and your products can be one of the toughest bits to sort out, especially when you’re new to the Internet game. I can help you by creating quality content for all your online activities, packed with everything we need to keep the search engines happy. Let’s get you some attention.

Google Adwords and Analytics

So you heard about the magical wonders Google Adwords can do for you? Great, me too. I am a Certified Adwords Individual and am happy to help you setting up your first campaign or take over your running account and optimise it for you. Let’s make you some money.

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